Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ive been making a living not making a life

Most people I know on a personal level know what I do for a living. Most of them are at least slightly aware of My career in the Adult Entertainment Industry. It's no big secret. Never really has been.


When My sexuality comes up in conversation with said Folks In The Know, I get major Déjà Vu. Copious amounts of Déjà Vu. Buckets of Déjà Vu.


To catch you up, in case you're new here (welcome!), I am a Panromantic Asexual.



Lemme get all Websters on yer ass for a moment...


Asexuality is indeed a sexuality. What it boils down to is that an asexual person does not want to have sex. They just don't want to. They don't enjoy it. Some also don't like kissing/hand holding/other PDA, some do. Those that don't are Aromantic as well as Asexual. Some asexuals just don't get horny. Ever. Some do. Some enjoy masturbation, but just don't enjoy having sex with anyone else. For Me though? I don't see My asexuality so much as My sexual preference as perhaps a glitch that I wouldn't miss if it disappeared. IMHO, all of the anti-depressants I took as a kid may have fucked with My wiring and thus no libido. Not everyone considers this true asexuality, but I do.


What is a Panromantic Asexual? Well remember how I said that some asexuals are also aromantic? I'm not. I love romance. I love kissing. I love making out. I love cuddling. I find people attractive in a romantic way. I find all kinds of people attractive. Pansexuality is like Bisexuality but with an upgrade. Instead of just being attracted to men and women like bisexuals, pansexuals are also attracted to people who do not fall into those two gender norms. Androgynous people, gender fluid people, transgendered people, etc etc. I find people from all parts of the spectrum attractive. This the panromantic part of the title.



So that's the basics. There is A LOT of info out there on the interwebs about pansexuality and asexuality. Check it out. Get educated. It's good for the soul.




when the new knowledge of My sexuality hits the brain and mixes with the pre-installed knowledge of My career choice, the reaction is almost always the same...



So here we are today, kids. We're gonna get this all straightened out once and for all. From now on when I get the confused stare, I will simply direct said confused face to this blog post! Huzzah!


"But Paige! How can you be asexual and do porn? Or strip? Or do sessions?"


The answer can be broken down into two parts.




I can be asexual and do porn because...? Well shit, is this really confusing to people? Porn is a job. It's just a job. I can do a job without having to be so invested in it. I don't have to actually get a Magical Girl Boner when I'm having sex on camera. You know the jokes about women faking it during sex? Yeah, that's all it really boils down to when I was doing porn. Faking it for a paycheck. It's really not any different than anyone else who goes to a job that they don't love.






Get it over with.




See? Not really all that baffling if you stop and think about it. All you need is a Poker Face (or is that Poke Her?). Learn how to moan like you mean it. And that, ladies and gentlemen (and My actual audience), that is Part One. Capisce?




I can be asexual and be a stripper because...?




Why do people seem to cling to the stereotype of Strippers Always Fuck Customers? It really gets My thong in a twist. Sure, some do, but most do not. So My lack of libido does NOT effect My job as an ecdysiast. It never has. It never will. There is really no reason for it to do so anyway. Once again, no Magical Girl Boner here.


The same goes with My sessions as a Dominatrix. This isn't bedroom kink. This is work. I have no need to get off during a session. Not to mention the fact that My clients aren't worthy of My orgasms anyway. I don't sleep with My clients. I don't require a Magical Girl Boner to do the job. The dungeon is a Magical Girl Boner-free zone.


See? That wasn't so hard. Now you know.



I'm sure that this will break some sort of fantasy for some of y'all. If so, I apologize. I'm not, however, going to apologize for wanting to educate the pervy masses.