Sunday, October 23, 2011

It got you feelin like this can't be right...

Trust. Let's talk about it shall we?

Trust in titty bars? Well yes, but this is specific. This is about trust between a stripper and their Significant Other(s).

A major work hazard of stripping is rocky relationships. The industry breeds insecurity, burn out, crankiness, and lack of trust. It sucks!

But today we're gonna focus on the trust part.

I've often heard tales of woe from my Strippery Sisters. Tales of their Other Halves being suddenly grumpy about the whole stripping thing. Demanding retirement even!!


Um... no.

Be it a lover they've met while already stripping, or be it someone they were already involved with when they got into the biz... there has to be trust!

It's just a job dagnabbit!

If you trust your woman, there is no reason to want her out of the strip club.

Yes, she will be in various states of undress. Yes, dudes will see that. But it's just nudity. Be proud that YOUR woman is smokin hot and desirable! Roll around in that pride! If there is trust and a strong, healthy relationship, she will come home to you and you alone. The fact that strangers are seeing your chick in her skin and a smile? Surface insecurity that can and should be squashed. Otherwise go find a retail chick or a suit chick.

Which brings us to trusting her actions with customers...


The rumors of Extras...

But the trust! The trust, guys*!!

Do you trust your woman not to blow/stroke off/fuck her customers? If you don't, you shouldn't be with her. End of fucking story. This is a Giant Bucket Of Duh. Doesn't matter what she does for a living... if you don't trust her not to do other people? Time to say "adios" to that relationship or go get therapy if perhaps you just have trust issues in general.

To sum it up:

If she was stripping when you met her, and you knew about it? Tough shit. Pull up yer Big Boy Panties and get over yourself. Demanding she quit = fail.

If she started stripping while you've already been together, and she is a good, mentally healthy, trustworthy woman? It's just a job. One she might enjoy. One that has the potential to be lucrative. Suck it up or pay all her bills for her. It's not the Big Deal yer making it out to be.

*I say guys because most of the instances, that I see, of You Must Retire comes from Those With Penis. I'm in no way sayong that women or anyone else cannot/do not date strippers.