Sunday, October 23, 2011

And everyone just heard you let one rip...

Today's strippery topic is Farting.

Yes.... farting.



Letting it rip.

Yes, strippers fart.

Why am I bringing this to light? Because I recently received an email asking if it's hard to hold it all in until AFTER work.


No, really. Hold it on? All shift? Not gonna happen.

Hell, we aren't THAT mysterious and magical.

Ok maybe we are but we fart at work. Trust me.

Some girls might choose to let them out in the bathroom or dressing room....

But there will always be those who will use farts as weapons.


Cheap, rude dipshits sitting at the stage? You might get gassed for being said cheap, rude dipshits.

Or if a hated coworker is up on stage after a Fart-weilding lass, there might be some Crop Dusting done on stage right as the last song ends...

But yes, Terry from North Texas... we fart (somewhere) at work.