Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm ready for My close up

I'm really hoping to be in a few DVDs someday. Hopefully soon! Yay porn. :D I'm very picky about what kinds I'd do though.

I'd love to do a bunch of lesbian porn. I'd like to do the basic stuff, and maybe put a lesbian twist on the stereotypical hetero plots. Lesbian MILF, Lesbian student/teacher, lesbian stripper/customer (finding a club to use would be hard though. Baby Blue gets used a lot but that's in Canada!), picking up a girl and doing it in an alley. Yeah that one would be fun! :D

And of course fetish DVDs. I'd like to do a lot of straight up fetish stuff, non-sexual. Bondage, sadistic scenes, etc. I've had the Living Xmas Tree idea playing around in My mind for ages now. I could churn out foot/heel fetish DVDs by the truck load LOL.

I think I'd do some actual dildo play with males and trannies, but I'd save the actual sexy sex scenes for the ladies. ;)

can you tell that I'm vagina-oriented?