Monday, September 27, 2010

are you ready for some football?

Eh, sometimes. On Sundays, because I rarely work, I am all about cheering on My Jets. I totally have My green & white on. I was raised on NFL (amongst other sports) so yeah, right on!

Mondays however... not so much. Mondays are My designated Door Wenching nights. Football and strip clubs, in My experience, are strange bedfellows. Either the club is a ghost town and tips suck, or the customers have their eyes glued to the flat screens and not the titties and again... tips suck.

Once Upon A Time, at a club I worked at 3 years ago, I had a rather WTF REALLY? experience thanks to NFL + strip club. At this particular club in question, they had a secondary stage that was quite small compared to the main stage. It was a short runway, with a huge flat screen TV at the back of it. Customers could sit at either side of the stage. Nothing really weird about the set up, IMHO... but one time, during a football game which happened to be playing on said television, I was on this mini stage. There I was, dancing like a good little stripper chick, and I noticed that the customers at the stage were craning their necks to see around me, to watch the game. Seriously guys? WTF. So I backed up to the television proper and tried My damndest to block as much of the screen as I could with My body.


So yeah. The love of NFL is in My genes, but the stripping business has put a bit of a bend in things.