Sunday, July 25, 2010

Taking Over Cocoa Beach

Yesterday I got the honor and privileged of taking the delish Cameron Keys out on the town. If you do not know this awesome, sexy, amazing porn superstar, you need to get to work.

First we lounged at her room a while, taking in the local ambiance.

We gabbed, laughed, talked shit, and she got sexy for her regular cam show. Macaroni Art FTW! ;)

I got to play tour guide around town, and later on we ended up at the Pier for OM NOM NOM NOMs. The food was wonderful, the ocean was gorgeous at night, and the wind and waves made it a perfect evening.

As the night turned into early morning, I took her to the local, good smut shop to drool at clothing and to see if they had any of her DVDs. It was a fun little scavenger hunt!

Yes, my smut shop is a giant boob.

I love getting to see my lovely friend. I wish I could play with her more often! Maybe soon ;)