Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Lazy Bitch Is Lazy

I know I know... I've been lax. The Less Glamorous Job is going away and it's had Me rather stresstastic.

I haven't been at Tootsy's much, and that sucks. I hope that, once I have Tons Of Spare Time I will be able to dance more.

I'm still working on the idea of a podcast. A big part of the cast would be a Q&A. I'll be taking questions about Me, My life (to an extent LOL), BDSM, stripping, modeling, sex, the adult entertainment industry, etc. So if you have any questions, feel free to start emailing them in! Send them to paigedwinter@gmail.com with the subject "Podcast Q&A"...

I plan on starting a 365 Photo Post Project in August. Each day I will post a photo on My blog. It may be a photo of Me, a specific body part, something special to My heart. Some will be racy, some will be artsy. But there will be 365 of them total!