Thursday, March 10, 2016

got my blue nail polish on

Oh Sally's, when you put your B1G1 nail polish display by the front door.... so evil!



12 polishes for less that $30 on a gift card. The happiness is real.


I'm going to give a short opinion on each, with a link to a professional pic of the color so you get a better idea. My phones don't always do them justice.


So let's review...



ORLY Left to right:


ORLY Nite Owl (20749): A nice, shimmery taupe. Slightly warm in bottle.


ORLY Ingenue (20046): Oh Em Gee... In love here! Shimmery pink and gold. It's a stunner!


ORLY Darkest Shadow (20823): Extremely dark red with red glitter. Very sexy, very goth. Do love this over a red or a black base.


ORLY Gumdrop (20733): The name makes Me think of pinks, but this pale, minty color is a lot of fun. Part of the teal spectrum IMHO, it looks great with My olive skin tone.


ORLY Midnight Show (20859): A lovely, ultra dark blue.



OPI Left to right:


OPI Muir Muir On The Wall (NL F61): A shimmery plum with a gold tinge at certain angles.


OPI Peace & Love & OPI (NL F56): A fun, oil slick-esque shimmer polish with plums and teals.


OPI S-ageless Beauty (IS L39): The website's pic is a bit more yellow that what I have in bottle. What I'm looking at is more of a super, super, pale, springy green. Almost a wintery color, it's that pale.


OPI I Knead Sour Dough (NL F60): What a strange name for this shimmery mauve-rose-pink.



Nina Ultra Pro left to right:


Nina Island Fever (709553): One of My addictions is opalescent glitter polishes. I slap them on over everything. Whites, blacks, blues, pinks, etc. This one has that fun, uneven bits of glitter. It makes your base color look more like an opal. Looks like this one is discontinued! Glad I snagged one.


Nina Heat Wave (709559): Hot, neon orange!Suits My current hair color perfectly!


Nina Lime Light (709216): Another possibly discontinued color. This type of green a) tends to stain your nails so put on a base coat first! b) tends to glow under black lights. A perfect stripper polish! I tend to hoarde these types of greens.