Saturday, October 10, 2015

A thoughtless stream of words

Happy Caturday y'all. Whilst My Twitter has met a reasonable person's limit of cat pics, that's not why I'm here.


Today I'm here to tell you about the brain breaking experience that I was blessed with earlier today.



Browsing the Gates Of Heaven, AKA the cold soda selection at the gas station, My ears picked up on some teenage girls rambling on and on and on... About how amazing Miley Cyrus looked recently. They were molesting one of the girls' phone with their glassy little eyeballs. I suppose My watching them during a Cannot Even moment was obvious, because they stampeded over to My spot in front of carbonated nirvana, and proceeded to force Me to look at above mentioned Miley images. Mayhaps I look youthful enough to care, or mayhaps they assume that anyone equipped with a vagina cares, but they wanted My opinion on Miley's attire choices.


Correction... They wanted Me to echo their opinions on said attire. Alas, this was not meant to be! The images that they showed Me were very much in My file of Oh Honey No.



Welp... My lack of enthusiasm for Mileywear© didn't go over well. The flock of 13 year olds proceeded to deduce that, since I do not rabidly adore the fashion faux pas I was presented with, I must be a "CIS, white, hetero homophobe".


Yes you read Me right, not adoring everything that Miley Cyrus wears makes Me a terribad person. No, I'm not kidding. This shit is so dumb, it deserves multiple memes.







After the initial shock wore off, I proceeded to explain to them that I had comeout of tthe closet before Miss Fashion Police's Most Wanted was even born. I ended things off with a very classy "I am old enough to be your Grandma, if I had been scandalous. Get yo' punk asses outta here! What the fuck is wrong with your misfiring little minds?"


Holy shit. Please tell Me that at least SOME of their peers can function in public better than that...