Saturday, August 02, 2014

Would you like some aspirin For your bad hair day

I dye My hair. A lot. Have been since I was 13 years old.


My hair makes Me Furcifer pardalis.



It makes Me Doryteuthis opalescens.




I've been very lucky to have minimal adverse effects from My color experimentations! Much knocking upon wood is happening as I type this! Huzzah!


This week, however, Shit Hit The Fan.


Most of you know My usual hair color:



I've spent the last month lightening My hair. I had gotten it to this color:



So I wanted a nice, bold red. This is what I chose to use:



This is the samples of what several shades of brown would become. Since My shade was lighter than these, I was excited, and not at all worried.



This is the end result:



What. The. Legit. Fuck. I basically went a full 360. Back In Black.


I am so very angry right now. I've had to cancel all photo shoots for the month of August, since they were all scheduled with the impression that I would have lightish, vibrant, RED hair.


FML doesn't even begin to describe this for Me.


I've used L'Oreal's hair dyes a lot. Tons of times. This was a first time shocker for Me. A first time disappointment for Me, from their products.


Since I don't want to damage My hair by stripping it AGAIN, I'm stuck with this craptastic shade of WTFery for at least the next month.


No bold red for photo shoots.


No bold red for Dragon*Con.


I make much cry face now... BBL.