Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Don't be a jerk, Johnny. Don't be so cruel to me...

So not all that long ago I got reported on Facebook. Why? A picture of my cleavage in a bikini top. One of My most common subjects to post pictures about. Yes, someone added an ADULT ENTERTAINER on Facebook, and got butthurt about Not Nekkid Tits.










So... let Me get this straight... Some ass taco added Me, knowing what I do for a living, and that the account is used to network and advertise My career. This would include scantily clad images.



I'm gonna take a guess and say that this dick casserole didn't read My profile. This happens to Me a lot. On all social sites. I make sure to spell it out clearly, and folks just ignore the shit out of it all. Verbosity via typing, ignored by some idjit. Yippie. So here's a refresher



About You



✔ Verified Adult Celebrity



✔ Infamous Professional Deviant



✔ International Dominatrix



✔ Wanderlustful Exotic Dancer



✔ Over 10 Years Live Cam Porn



✔ Intentionally Naked Model



✔ Violently Glittery Hot Chick



✔ As seen on



I've reached my limit on friends here on Facebook. Until Facebook changes this policy, feel free to join the fan page for updates!



30something professional and lifestyle Dominant, Playboy model, actress, dancer. Professional nekkid chick. I've performed, in on form or another in the adult entertainment industry, in most of NY (state and city of), NJ, CT, RI, MA, VT, CA, GA, IL, and ONT.



Geek, nerd, art fag. I live for reading, writing, earth science, and algebra. I want to go back to college for a fourth degree.



I am pansexual. I am VERY not single. I am married to Ambi Wilson, Sonyia Theiss, Rebecca Sterling, Robin Monacella, Nanci Mitchell, Cece Bell, and Saje Morgan.



I am currently not looking for someone to date/fling/fuck/rebound with/etc.



WARNING: If you send me an add request and I cannot verify that you are 18+ I will NOT accept the request. Tough shit.



Feel free to add the Official Fan Page as well! Room on this profile is going fast!!!



Do people think that I only add people who are 18 or older because 18 is My lucky number? It's not. It's 6. I do it because it's the professional Facebook profile for an ADULT entertainer. A Professional Nekkid Person. This means that My account is gonna be chock full of (kinda clothed) tits and ass. Fetish themed things. Stuff of the hard on-inducing nature. I do NOT violate Facebooks TOS. You will NEVER see My nipples, cooter, or butthole on Facebook. Everything that has to be covered will ALWAYS be covered.



I'd also like to point out that the image that got Me called into the Principal's Office cotained a bikini top. Bigger than many that can be seem at a pool or the beach. Bigger than some of the bikini tops you will see in photos used by other entertainers, adult or not. Bigger than some of the bikini tops used in adverts that Facebook allows.



Again, dafuq?



So, because of some Douche Canoe, I will no longer post pictures on Facebook that show My cleavage in bikini tops or bras. Nor will there be any pictures of My ass in booty shorts or panties.



Sorry. Thank the jacktwat that decided to be a toolbox and ruin all the fun for everyone.



You'll have to click on My blog posts for those from now on. I will try My best to update the blog frequently, if possible.



One last thank you to Shithead McDipshit for causing all this bullshit. I salute you, with both middle fingers. Go fuck yourself... in the ass... with a dry cactus.