Friday, September 21, 2012

I'll kick you out of my home if you don't cut that hair

Up until this week I've been fairly sure about My hair goals. Grow, baby grow!

Suddenly, I'm not so sure anymore.


To sum up the Hair Length Story for any newbies out there:

Hair to My waist until age 13.

Cut it all off super short, in a Single White Female sort of way. Kept it short throughout high school and some college.

Let it grow back out from 1997 to 2010. It ranged from mid-back length to waist length.

After much torture and abuse using bleach, cut My hair back to the Super Short look in 2011.

And now I have this chin-length thing going on…

I’ve been swearing up and down, since I had it snipped all off last year, that I was growing it back long. That I didn’t miss the Super Short thing that I rocked as a teen. But now I’m not so sure.

It’d be easier to color.

It’d be easy to maintain.

It makes wearing wigs a lot easier, and I can always stock up on lots and lots of said wigs, for whenever I get the urge to have long hair.

Here are some examples of both long hair and short hair on Me:

I’d like to know what My friends and fans think! Cast your vote and help Me get off this damned fence!