Thursday, July 17, 2014

Now my mascara running, red lipstick smudged

I'm mourning the loss of My perfect lashes. The lashes that everyone thought were fake. Don't laugh, I am totally willing to sob over this.


Once Upon A Time, I found the perfect mascara. It was inexpensive. It was easy to find all over the place. It made My lashes thick and long without the dreaded Tarantula Lashes. Rimmel's GlamEyes was amazing. Just... perfection with a wand. But a few months ago? POOF! Gone. No one carries it now. Sad face time!



So what's a gal to do? Try something else from Rimmel! They obviously replaced it with New And Better Stuff, right?




I snagged their Lash Accelerator Mascara and gave it a whirl.




It gives Me length but no thickness. I guess it'll do for now but... it's nowhere close to the awesomeness of GlamEyes. Le Sigh!



Next was Rimmel's ScandalEyes. At that point I was skeptical. Good thing I was.


This mascara didn't lengthen. It didn't thicken. All it did was make My lashes black. I have never been so disappointed in a mascara! I wept openly into My bowl of Lucky Charms.



So what am I doing now?


I'm using up the Lash Accelerator. It's gonna have to do for now. I have NO idea what is going to properly replace My beloved GlamEyes!!


Oh Rimmel, why did you do this to Me?!?