Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Monday Is Funday

Another round of Monday Night Tumbleweeds.... thank you NFL!

I arrived at Tootsy's at 6:45pm, and proceeded to get sucked into a debate about seating in a limo. LOL. Fevered brain = uh... huh?

I loafed about at the VIP end of the bar a while, gabbing with Kaylee and sippin some booze. Got to emit love at Aenea as I always do on Mondays.

At one point, a man in a wheel chair wheeled his happy ass ALL the way across the bar to where we were sitting JUST to tell us that the Meaning Of Life is "sex, drugs and rock N role HAR HAR HAR" before he wheeled away.

We kinda had a .... moment. For sure.

Despite my fever, sore throat, cough... I manned the door like the champ I am. The money sucked, and it was basically a ghost town all night.

Again, thank you NFL...

A run down of the customer highlights for the evening:

* A small group of late 50-early 60something guys. Very cool dudes. Best tippers of the evening for Me. One of them kept wandering back over to the door to lament that "the prettiest lady in the room wasn't dancing" which made Me giggle a lot. He ended up buying one of our logo shirts in green. Yay green!

* Three 21ish douchebags who were upset that I didn't remember them from months ago. Whatever. I don't give a shit who you think you are... SHOW ME YER ID YOU LOOK 15.

* One young thing who was so flustered about being in a titty bar that he forgot his age.

The rest of the night consisted of our bouncer, Ron, dancing and using his crotch for magic tricks, cracking jokes with the manager, Stacy, and coughing.

We have this... I dunno, new? Girl? At least she is new to Me... she's a damned mess, and I was so sure we were over that sort of hiring. 2 feet tall, built like a concave 2 x 4, except for a pregnant gut. Like, I had several customers AND staff ask me if she was pregnant. Ugh. She was a mess. Unfortunate face. Unfortunate ass. Unfortunate rhythm.

And we have a New Kid. They're so cute. The New Kid Clothes, the New Kid Shoes, the New Kid Moves. Adorable! It reminds Me of Bambi...